Monday, December 21, 2009

Secretly updated version of MidpSSH for BlackBerry

If you've used MidpSSH for Blackberry, you'll find that the most recent version available from the website it hopelessly out of date (last updated March 2008). If you've never heard of it, shame on you! Its the only BlackBerry SSH client of which I'm aware, and if you have a BlackBerry and use *nix, then you'll most certainly find it useful.

Anyway, while I was researching which of the myriad versions of the application to install on my new Curve 8900, I stumbled upon an old BerryReview article that links to an updated version not listed on! It's listed at version "1.7.4 beta 2" and has a timestamp of Oct 2008 -- so its now just plain out-of-date (not hopelessly).

The big features added to this release (according to the article) include:

  • BIS-B support (depends on carrier on which ports you might be able to work, IE on mine they block port 22, but I just changed my sshd port of linux box to a higher port,). When configuring the host, just add :PORT (so it would be IP.OF.SERVER:PORT)
  • WIFI support
  • Application is signed in order to gain access to some RIM protected APIs
I was appropriately skeptical but I figured I'd give it a shot and the changelog given is very accurate! I was able to connect to my home linux server over both WiFi and BIS (T-Mobile EDGE) whereas previously I had to be connected to a WiFi network; said server's SSH server is also open to a port other than 22, and specifying that in the connection preferences allowed me to connect; and I wasn't presented with the "untrusted application rah rah" warning when I downloaded and installed it. It also seems noticeably faster, but then that's probably just because I'm coming from an old Pearl 8120.

Unfortunately, I doubt we'll be seeing many updates to this application anymore, but this should certainly hold me over until someone else decides to pick up the ball. Besides, its not like SSH standards change very often. The source code is available to anyone enterprising enough to tackle such a huge project for the BlackBerry community.

Site hosting the application for OTA install:

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